a. 加密貨幣交易及其他服務的持續運作;
b. 信貸記錄檢查;
c. 協助其他金融機構的信貸記錄檢查;
d. 持續性的客戶信用評估;
e. 服務及產品的設計、推廣和評估;
f. 確定客戶應付或應收款項金額;
g. 遵從監管機構的要求

a. 支援PuroX的業務運作而提供電訊、電腦、結算或支付、印刷或其他服務的代理,承包商或其他服務供應商;
b. PuroX的關聯公司,包括但不限於集團內的控股公司、子公司和集團內其它公司;
c. 與客戶有或預備提出交易的其他金融機構;
d. 監管機構; 及
e. 經客戶同意的任何其他人或機構。

a. 客戶姓名,聯絡資料和人口統計資料; 及
b. 產品或服務的推廣。





如果您對本政策有任何問題,請隨時通過我們的網站(http://purox.io)或發電郵到[email protected]聯繫我們。

Personal Data Policy

It is necessary for PuroX to collect customers’ information from time to time to support the account opening and the operation.

The information collected can be used for, but not limited to, the following purposes:
a. The continued operation of cryptocurrency transactions and other services;
b. Credit record check;
c. Assisting other financial institutions in checking credit records;
d. Continuous customer credit assessment;
e. Design, promotion and evaluation of services and products;
f. Determination payable or receivable amount by the customer;
g. Compliance with regulatory requirements

Customer data collected by PuroX will be kept confidential. Such information, if required or permitted by law, may be provided to:
a. Agents, contractors or other service providers that provide services for PuroX to provide telecommunications, computer, settlement or payment, printing or other services;
b. PuroX’s affiliates, including but not limited to holding companies, subsidiaries and other companies within the group;
c. Other financial institutions that have or are prepared to file a transaction with the client;
d. Regulatory bodies; and
e. Any other person or institution with the consent of the customer.

PuroX will not use the customer’s personal data unless there is a legal exemption or has been approved by the customer. PuroX may use the customer’s personal data for marketing and marketing purposes. The profile types and marketing subject categories to be used are detailed below:
a. Customer’s name, contact information and demographic information; and
b. Promotion of products or services.

If the client does not wish to use his/her profile for marketing and marketing, the client may notify PuroX’s Personal Data Protection Officer to opt out.

PuroX may pair, compare, transfer or exchange any personal data collected from customers with information held by government agencies, regulatory agencies, other organizations, companies or individuals to verify the collected information. .

This Privacy Policy may change at any time. We will not reduce your rights without your explicit consent, and we expect that most of the changes will be minor. In any case, we will post any changes we make to our policies on the Privacy Policy page. If the changes are large, we will post more obvious notices (including email notifications of policy changes for some services).

The Chinese translation of this Privacy Policy is for reference only and the English version shall prevail.

If you have any questions about this policy, please feel free to contact us via our website (http://purox.io) or by email at [email protected]